Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mastering the three treasures in the body - Part 3

Job, my clients and personal life involvement have been taking my time quite a bit lately. I wanted to keep writing and sharing but was away travelling in the last month. Visited a lovely city during spring time, witnessed and experienced wonderfully evolved nature during this period of time. I thought taking mini regular vacations is crucial to regulate chronic stress level. Many of us burnt out without listening to the body, mind and soul 'signals'. A great REBOOT after back to back trips, and I'm back!

Now, let's resume where we left off. Ever felt you are constantly being judged by people around you? Try to remember the last time you did something which is life-changing, highly intense and perhaps spiritually stretched? When was it? How did you feel? Many people came across my life in the last 10 years or so, seeking for answers and understanding of purpose of life, solutions to the problems in relationships, health and wellness. What about you? 

I'm sure any of you reading this would have so many questions about LIFE, generally. Maybe for fitness enthusiasts and professionals, the community of people are curiously interested about different ways to enable the body to become fitter and stronger. For medical professionals, perhaps a much better success rates in treating patients. As for some minority of homo sapiens, perhaps genuine interest to find the the purpose of life, to learn how to master oneself in all layers of human body, and achieve great health and wellness through living in harmony with the law of nature and the universe. 

If anyone have read and understood the teachings of ancient taiost, or perhaps Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine, you will have better clarity and realize about living in harmony and in-sync with the universe. The human body is just a super minature form of the universe. Many ancient teachings of taiost have now been validated by 'civilized and modern science'. Remember Einstein? E= MC2, formula of quantum of physics, mass energy. The energy treasures of JING, QI and SHEN, is in fact a very similar concept of what was discovered by Einstein. Then, modern science have validated what was known thousands of years ago, where uterus muscle repetitively contracts during breastfeeding of a baby involving oral stimulation of the areolas of the mother.  Studies also have now validated that scientists discovered one of the major contributor of Alzheimer's disease is due to lack of sexual hormones production to the brain. Guess what? This was known way back then before we even know laboratories and advanced testting methods.

You must wonder, what these discoveries have to do with three energies in the body? The answer is everything! Well, if you are smart enough, you will realize that all living things require energy to maintain internal organization (homeostasis). It is the energy that made human body as physical entity. When we talk about homeostasis, in ancient taoist teachings, they refer it to YIN and YANG. Many of us might heard of this word, or seen the peaceful symbol of two fishes in black and white. Today, I would like to share some wisdom and teachings of this concept. 

As what the Yellow Emperor mentioned "The law of YIN and YANG is the natural order of the universe, the foundation of all things, mother of all things, the root of life and death". In healing, one must grasp the root of the disharmony, which is always subject to the law of YIN and YANG. YIN is passibe and quiet, while the nature of YANG is active and noisy. 

YANG is responsible for expanding, and YIN is responsible for contracting. YANG is the energy, the vital force, while YIN is the substance, the foundation. The elements of fire and water are categorized into YIN and YANG. The fire being YANG, water being YIN. The functional aspects of the body is YANG and the nutritive aspect is YIN. So far so good? YIN is the feminine force, while YANG is the masculine force. Remember, foods or herbs is refined into JING or essence, which support the QI. And QI is required for transformation and bodily functions. When reards to this aspect, if the diet is improper, the body may be injured. JING will be depleted and exhausted. As we know, in the modern hectic world, many of us are thrashing our body with processed foods and stimulants. From sugars to 
wheat and fast foods, alcohol, energy drinks and too much of caffeine could drain the vital JING essence. 

The YIN and YANG should be in balance with each other in the body. If one is dominant or expresses too much of that energy, the body will suffer out of balance. If the YANG takes over, the YIN suffers and will be deprived and vice versa. Remember, when there is injury to the physical body, there is swelling. If QI energy level is damaged, it can cause pain due to blockage or stagnation. 

As I mentioned in pevious post, the human body has five zang organs, the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs. The QI of the give zang organs forms the five spirits and give rise to the five emotions. The spirit of the heart is known as the SHEN which rules mental and creative functions. The spirit of the liver, the Hun, rules the nervous system and modulate the extra sensory perception. The spirit of the spleen, the Yi, rules reasoning power and logic. Then we have the spirit of the lungs, or also known as Po, rules the animalistic instincts, physical strength and stamina. Lastly, we have the kidneys spirit, the Zhi, rules the will, drive and survival instinct. 

It is critical to realize that overindulgence in five emotions, anger, sadness, worry (fear), pensiveness and even happiness, can create imbalances. Negative emotions can injure the QI, and prolonged negative emotions of a person will cause dysfunctions of these vital organs especially the heart. Heaven and earth, masculine and feminine principles, the QI and the blood, all reflect the interplay of YIN and YANG. How would you apply the principle of YIN and YANG to the art of healing? As once the master said, "If the YANG QI is in excess, the body will have fever, difficult rapid breathing, dry throat and mouth, irritability and abdominal distress. If the YIN QI is in excess, the body will feel cold, shivering and spasms of the hands and feet".

Stay tuned...

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